Bar-T Reston



How am I billed?

Monthly, payments are due the 1st of the month and can be paid via credit card or check.  Payments are made at under your account.

Can I bring in food for my child?

Yes, but we are a nut free facility and therefore cannot accept any food with nuts in them (including Almond Milk).  We require all food coming into the center to have an ingredient label to ensure it  is free of all allergens to the center and child specific room.

How do I get access to Watch Me Grow?

Parents register at  Once their registration is complete, watch me grow verifies with the center the family is a Bar-T Family.  Once everything is verified, live streaming is available.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday – Friday from 6:30AM until 6:30PM.

What is your snow policy?

The snow policy is based on the day.  When the Federal Government is closed, Bar-T Reston is closed.  We do utilize email, Director cell phone voicemail 571-442-3360, Facebook and local news channels to communicate the center status.  If a status change is made, it will be done no later than 6:00am.

Is there a waitlist fee?

Yes, a $100 registration fee is required to be submitted to ensure your placement at the center.  This payment is paid by check or credit card.

How do I update my information?

All contact information must be made BOTH online and at the center with the director.

Are all of your teachers First Aid and CPR certified?

Yes, all of our staff members are current in First Aid and CPR. We also have MAT certified staff on the premises at all time to administer medication when needed.