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Potty Training with Bar-T Reston

Potty training is always scary for all parties involved.  Consistency is key when it comes to potty training so we want to ensure you Bar-T Reston is here to support you.  We want to inform all parents what is important when potty training along with what Bar-T can and cannot do while potty training. The… Read More

Separation Anxiety

All families are affected by separation anxiety at some point.  Separation anxiety can happen from infancy to preschool or early kindergarten years. Separation anxiety is expected when a child attends a new places, but it is normal for children to go through the same feelings at a school they have attended their entire life at… Read More

Potty Training…..where do I begin!!!???

The Dreadful……Potty Training There is nothing more exciting then closing in on that bright light at the end of the tunnel of diapers.  We want to help you get there so this training process is smooth and seamless. The common age of potty training is 22months to 30 months; children must be able to control… Read More

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor development in children begins at a very early age.  Infants display their first step to fine motor control with what is known as the pincer grip.  As children grow and develop it is important they are practicing their fine motor control.  Bar-T Reston incorporates fine motor control in all classrooms.  In our infant… Read More

Sensory Development For Infants

Sensory play is the foundation of learning for infants.  Infants begin to learn about their world around them through their senses.  When they are independently capable to grasp an object they immediately put it in their mouth.  From there they being to manipulate the object by trying to pull them, turn them, twist them. At… Read More