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About Bar-T Reston


About Bar-T

Bar-T joined the Reston community in June of 2014; expanding our company across the American Legion Bridge from Maryland down into Virginia. After looking through many different areas in Virginia we felt Reston would be the best location. With the Silver Line opening, the area growing rapidly and an already high demand for child care, Bar-T wanted to provide more options for families.

As Bar-T has built many successful programs in Maryland, Reston is held to the same standard programmatically and through staffing. MG_5678Our mission, our philosophy and the Bar-T culture all guide our staff to respect each of the kids and adults that participates in our programs as individuals, working to provide meaningful choices throughout all aspects of our programs. We go beyond creating environments that help to ensure both physical and emotional safety by listening, showing respect and helping each member of our community remember that they are of great worth.

Just like every community, each Bar-T center is unique. Although no Bar-T location is the same, you’ll always find the family atmosphere and sense of professionalism that permeates everything we do. At Reston we focus strongly on meeting the needs of the children individually and the family. We have an open door policy to all parents and encourage their involvement. We host different events in the center providing different opportunities for family involvement; Halloween parade, Thanksgiving feast, breakfast with Santa, Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Day Brunch, etc. Along with state required training, our staff participates in growth and development based on their personal goals. All staff are held to the same standards of providing quality care for each child. Each teacher understands the importance of your child and ensures they communicate to you all you need to know about their day. We feel our mission statement gives great insight into the type of organization that we are:

The Mission of Bar-T is to provide a unique experience in all of the programs we offer.
We strive to treat all children and adults as individuals.
We provide choices, and we listen, show respect and keep everyone safe.
We help people remember they are of great worth.

With the scope of care that Bar-T offers, the years of experience we have, and the sense of community that we nurture, there is no better choice for Reston families than Bar-T.

Our Curriculum

In tying with our mission, we believe in children learning through making choices and play. Play involves the whole child-physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Ultimately, play builds a foundation for all future learning.  In addition to the importance of play, Bar-T also emphasized on the child as an individual.  In treating children as individuals, we provide them with an environment where they are free to explore on their own.  Children can experiment and make mistakes without the worry of harsh consequences as the choices for the children are safe, interesting and educational in design.  By focusing on giving children choices while learning, studies show that children will achieve more than being in a strictly academic program. Click here for more detailed information about our curriculum.

Our Staff

Each person who joins the Bar-T family is carefully vetted and selected by our leadership team. Each member of our team contributes to the program and product that we offer area families. As we have brought Reston area residents a new high standard for care for their infant through school-aged children, we set the same standard for staff. This why we are proud to show off our staff. Click here to meet our leadership team.

Where We Are

11480 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 100 W
Reston, VA 20190